Yesterday started as just another normal day at work for me but it soon turned into a bit of a disaster and I got to see and think about how social media can be used by media organisations and the general public positively. I work as a sales assistant at Oasis in Kingston  upon Thames and yesterday we were evacuated from our building from 1:30 pm to 5pm due to a fire on the street behind ours. The fire took place in an office above “The Party Shop” in Kingston and due to us sharing the same roof space and there being the risk of explosion it was vital that all customers and staff were evacuated. The story was covered by a number of publications including The River, The Surrey Comet, BBC news, and The Kingston Guardian.

Many of the images featured in these news stories will probably have come from the people at the scene using Twitter and Facebook to post images and status updates such as these:



The use of social media was the only reason that other members of staff new about our evacuation and what was going on with our store. Social media can be used for positive reasons and help news organisations gain knowledge, sources and brilliant images without needing to be on the scene right away. It’s so important that we make the most of our ever-changing technology and the digital world.


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